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Have you ever wished you had a board of directors for your own professional career choices or an expert opinion to support a new talent strategy? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to advise you, establish your prosperity while meeting the interests of your stakeholders?

So many times throughout my career, I wished I had a board of directors to advise on my decisions. An objective opinion with my best interests in mind. Someone to brainstorm, share ideas, and really listen.



I often searched and searched for that person who “gets it” and who understands… and time and time again, I fell short. This is why Flourish Careers was started, consider us your personal board of directors.

by taking the time to dig into each individual’s foundation, understand their roots, values, life goals, career aspirations and lifestyle.

by offering a tried-and-true playbook for igniting an early talent strategy or university recruitment game plan. 

At Flourish Careers we are dedicated to your unique path to professional success. We can't wait to meet you and get started.

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Read About Jennifer's 15 Years of Experience ⟶

Along with spending the initial years of my career in operations management, my resume includes 15 years in corporate HR at fortune 200 organizations across multiple industries including: biotechnology, food and beverage, and technology distribution and sales.

Specialties include: talent acquisition, university relations, talent and leadership development. Recently recognized for high learning agility, trustworthy leadership, and having an authentic ability to lead others to achieve exceptional results.

"You can drift, you can dream, even walk on water, anything you want.” - David Gilmour. This is the quote I selected to leave for my classmates in high school. It’s the quote printed under my senior year picture in our final yearbook. To this day, this quote still resonates… so much so that it’s part of the core foundation in starting a career coaching and consulting business. 

My first job post-graduation was working the overnight shift as a front line supervisor in a potato chip factory. Making potato chips in the middle of the night might not sound like a “dream job” right out of college, although, I learned more about running a business, teamwork and leading people during that time versus any other job.

From supervising teams in a potato chip factory to supporting a dynamic sales team as a human resource business partner to leading a team of college recruiters, I have successfully made multiple career jumps, U-turns, steps up, and down that left me with life-long lessons, experiences and successes.

To others, this journey might look like messy intertwined roots of a tree in need of sunlight and a bucket of miracle grow although in actuality, every tangled up root is now a strong branch equipping me to properly serve you in sharing advice, brainstorming ideas, creating plans and inspiring your success.

I get what companies are looking for when hiring top talent. It’s what I do. Over the last year alone, I recruited, coached and hired hundreds of students and early career professionals into positions covering human resources, finance, engineering, IT, sales and operations. 

I am mostly known for being 110% career driven with a bias for taking action - I have been told this passion for career and business is called a “voluntary obsession” and I’m OK with that…

Constantly reading the latest trends in business and recruitment, learning new ways businesses are hiring top talent is part of my DNA, and I am diligent about integrating this into my coaching and consulting practice, serving clients with the most up-to-date guidance. 



... which is really the 3rd floor of my urban colonial home.
Surrounded by built-in book shelves, brilliant natural light, a vintage drawing table as my desk, a special window seat designed by my dad, a flower wall of beauty and of course my dog, Tula, at my side... my treehouse is charming, comfortable and brings so much inspiration.

Most days you can find me in my custom designed treehouse...

When you nourish your imagination and your body, you give yourself what you need to remain healthy. From cooking simple, fresh meals to waking up early in order to soak in the magical sunrise, I do everything I can to take full advantage of each day. As an early bird, mornings are a beautifully quiet time to prepare and make the day count.

"You have to nourish in order to flourish" is a quote I live by.

Typically we are on a simple day trip to the lake or the woods or exploring one of the many parks in Western NY. There’s nothing better than driving with the radio up, convertible top down, coffee in hand and wind in our hair exploring and enjoying the fresh air.

When not working, I am likely road tripping with my pack (husband + pup)! 

The fear of running out of reading material. I cannot stop buying, borrowing and reading books. Not the audio version or the electronic version… actual, physical, bound books. As a life long learner, I enjoy everything from the latest business and career fads to fiction best sellers to cookbooks. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time (and money) at Barnes and Noble!

I am a self-proclaimed abibliophobiac.

Although introverted, I have been told I have a knack for public speaking and leading people. I can excel at things like public speaking and leading others as long as I make the time to recharge my battery. So urban hermit, yes, although this hermit recognizes her boundaries and is happy to emerge from the shell to support and inspire greatness among clients.

My husband calls me an urban hermit 
I am a true introvert.



Rooted in our guiding principles to: keep it simple, remain genuine and inspire greatness, we work to serve you with progressive career advice, practical tools, on-demand resources and savvy solutions customized for you and your career journey or developing your talent strategy.

Let's get started! Contact Flourish Careers ⟶

• Inspired to try something completely new but not sure where to begin.
• Having a tough time telling the story of all your accomplishments on one piece of paper or via an online profile.
• Preparing to launch your career post graduation although not sure how to get started.
• Feeling lost in determining the best career path.
• Feeling stuck in your career and can’t focus.
• Contemplating a career move and would like an objective or an expert opinion.
• Leading people for the first time and running into roadblocks around time, talent, communication, productivity.

Did you know? You have 6 seconds make an impression with a recruiter - the average amount of time a recruiter spends reviewing your resume is S-I-X seconds! Let’s make it count.



Let's get started! Contact Flourish Careers ⟶

• A small to mid-size business realizing that hiring the right person at the right time for the right role is hard! You know that growing your own talent starting at the collegiate level is a smart way to build a pipeline but you don’t know where to start.
• A leader who realizes college recruitment and university relations is important to the vitality of your business although you don’t have the time or resources to put into creating or executing a plan.
• An organization with an aging workforce - the knowledge and expertise built up over years and years is preparing to move on to the next phase of their life - who is going to replace them?  
• A growing organization with the need for an on-going pipeline of fresh, new talent.

Flourish Careers offers a practical model for kickstarting your talent and university recruitment strategy.



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