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Are you an individual who likes to dig in and take matters into your own hands? Then these playbooks are perfect for you!
Packed with exclusive insider knowledge, they’ll help you unlock the secrets to cultivate your career success.
So whether you’re just starting or looking to level up, these go-to guides are essential for your career planning toolkit.
Get your hands on these best-in-class resources and take the first step toward a brighter, more fulfilling future!

Like skydiving, a HEART-based career change can be both exhilarating and terrifying. This career change playbook is like your parachute—it provides the framework to help you navigate your descent and land safely in your new career path.

Make The Leap! The Ultimate Playbook for HEART-Based Career Change is a comprehensive guide designed to help you clearly and confidently navigate a HEART-based career change.
With step-by-step instructions and practical wisdom, this playbook will empower you to leap and land smoothly in a new, fulfilling career.


make the leap

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Post-graduation job searching is a pivotal time!
Jump-start your job search with these foundational tools.

This playbook will boost your job search by providing personalized resume feedback and guidance on crafting an attention-grabbing cover letter. 
It also equips you with strategies to impress hiring managers, such as preparing for interviews, framing responses through memorable stories, and mastering your elevator pitch. 

With this comprehensive playbook, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge to secure your first job successfully.

Jump-Start Your Job Search

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Conquer your interview with pose + purpose! 

I get it; interviewing is not something most people look forward to. So use this playbook to prepare and confidently conquer your next interview. 

Interviewing is an insider job; you must reset your mindset + map your strategy to conquer your next interview with poise + purpose!

The Ultimate Interview Prep Playbook

interview prep

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More than "how to find a job", Fried to Flourishing is a quest to rediscovering and rebuilding your career path from the inside out.

Fried To Flourishing

Career Change Course

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Rediscover and rebuild your career path from the inside out. 

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