Whether you're ready for a new role or a fresh industry, this 30+ page playbook will provide the framework + actionable information to ignite the spark and make your career change happen. 

In this playbook, you will:
✔   Jump into my proven step-by-step framework to initiate a heart-based career change.
✔   Gain clarity on what's next by identifying roles that generate your energy and industries you want to make an impact in.
✔   Learn how to craft heart-based career goals and development plans—align your heart + your spirit to your work.
✔   Rediscover your career path through hand-selected resources and stimulating thought starter questions. 
✔   Spark inspiration and excitement about your new career path!

Because you deserve a long, happy + healthy career. 

Make the leap! 


The Ultimate Playbook for Purposeful Career Change.

I've cut through all the noise and compiled additional information from the best in the business.
This includes thought starter questions to help you prepare + tried-and-tested tools for further study. 

Dedicated resources for further study:

Talking about yourself is HARD!
I'll teach you the PERFECT elevator pitch framework  to quickly showcase who you are, what you do and what you're looking for.
I use this framework all the time! 

Perfect your pitch: 

Jump into my popular system to develop your professional brand and position yourself as
a high-value hire from the beginning.

refresh your
professional brand:

Effectively plan your path to a fulfilling career by reflecting on your core + lifestyle values, your signature traits, roles that generate your energy and a sector you want to make an impact in.

use your inner wisdom:

Learn how to reset your mindset and take good care of your body, mind, and spirit to make space for new thoughts, and modern ideas. 

nourish to flourish: 

It's not about polishing up your
resume, networking with strangers, or applying to
hundreds of jobs. Heart-based career planning is about pausing + reflecting on what's next, matching your unique skills with desired positions and executing a thoughtful flight plan.

heart-based career planning:

The ultimate playbook for purposeful career change features

— Kimberly, Washington

"After working in sales for a few years, I wanted to make a change into a more technical field. Jenn's framework helped me with new job search methods and how to implement them, which opened doors for me in my job search that I didn’t even know existed!
I am grateful for her guidance."

—Allison, Tennessee

"I needed to refocus my career planning to reflect my diverse experience and the direction I want to go in next. Jenn's playbook provides insight as to how to do just that. In addition, she includes what hiring managers are looking for and suggestions about how to best present yourself in a new path.
I'm very pleased with this workbook and look forward to getting into my search!"


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