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When I initially reached out to Jenn, I knew I needed a career pivot. I wasn't challenged in my current role, and it was time that I started prioritizing the things that helped me feel motivated at work. It was challenging for me to conceptualize major changes or even capture exactly what I was looking for.

Jenn started by helping me analyze what was truly important in my work life. She would guide me to provide more specificity in my thinking so that we refined what I was (and was not) looking for in my career change.

Jenn pushed me to consider strategies I had never entertained before, bringing me out of my comfort zone to find the change I was seeking. At the same time, she was consistently cheering me on and celebrating small milestones.

I walked away from our sessions with opportunities to independently extend my learning from our conversations.
I am now in a role almost directly aligned with the criteria of my "dream job," doing the work I want to do in the way I want. More importantly, the idea of another career pivot is not nearly as daunting or scary.

I would not feel this confident or fulfilled in my career choice without Jenn's coaching throughout this process.

kristy, washington dc

I'm doing the work I want to do in the way that I want to do it.
I'm in a role directly aligned with all of the criteria of my ‘dream job.’ 

If it wasn't for you, I would still be stressed to the max, have no work-life balance, and struggle post-military retirement. After I went through your webinar, I knew I had to be in golf.

I did not know how or where I would start, but I knew it had to be in golf. 

Background: I played golf growing up and played in college as a pro before joining the military. Golf has always been a passion of mine. 

I quit my Operations Management position and set out for a career in golf. It didn't take long, and now I am flourishing in it. I'm a professional golfer again! I now teach, fit, and play competitively. I have made friends with high-profile individuals, and my book of business is growing faster than I could have expected. 

I wake up every day with a smile, super excited about the future, and cannot believe this is my life! 

You truly changed the course of my life without knowing, and I can never thank you enough. 
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

robby, Florida

I wake up every day with a smile, super excited about the future, and cannot believe this is my life! 

Before meeting Jenn, I had been struggling with my job search and career change for over a year, making little progress. After meeting Jenn, everything changed. I had my first meeting with Jenn on February 15.
On March 24, I received and accepted a job offer from my absolute dream company. As a former recruiter and hiring manager with decades of experience, Jenn knows what she is talking about.

She is willing to share her insights into the hiring process with her clients, giving them an edge as a candidate. Jenn is also warm and encouraging and genuinely wants to help her clients find a job that makes them happy.

Working with Jenn truly has changed my life and my family's. Finding a new job or new career path is a life-changing event, and a career coach needs to understand the gravity of the situation and the impact that her advice can have. During our first session, Jenn told me, "I won't lead you astray." And she didn't. Jenn pointed me down the right path and gave me the tools to navigate any obstacle on that path until I reached my ultimate destination.

Hiring Jenn as your career coach, will transform your life as it did mine.

jae, north carolina

Working with Jenn truly has changed my life and my family's. 

I recently graduated and was looking for help in branding myself in the best way possible.

After gaps in employment and a late finish of my college degree, I was overwhelmed with options, the process, and recognized how much job hunting has changed over the years.

Couple all that with trying to narrow down what I wanted to do and feeling unsure of what might be a good fit for me—I needed help! Talking with Jenn the first time was easy, she was excited to help and was open to anything I needed. The best part about Jenn was having someone to talk to and encourage me when it got difficult. She kept me on a positive path.

I ended up with multiple job offers and because of her help focusing in on the type of work and the environment I wanted to be in, I felt confident taking the job I have now—which I absolutely LOVE.

After the fact, I feel like I have made a friend and she has already assisted with some areas of my new job.
I am forever grateful for the experience! 

cassie, new york

I ended up with multiple job offers!

Before contacting Jenn, I was feeling uncertain and insecure about where I'd ended up in my career. I was so upset about how far off track I'd gotten and how far I was from realizing my potential. Before reaching out to Jenn, I spent 17 tireless months looking for a new job without success.

I lost sight of what I wanted in my career and had NO idea how to get it.

Jenn helped me reset my mindset and create space to invite in a new path. She supported me in reflecting and figuring out the top industry I wanted to make an impact as well as the types of roles that generated my energy. From there, we refreshed my personal brand, prepared a thoughtful networking strategy (that was comfortable). We practiced telling my story and accomplishments in a way that resonated with hiring managers.

Within THREE months of working with Jenn, I received not one, but TWO job offers! I’m feeling clear, confident, and charged! This has been an incredible journey discovering and rebuilding myself.
Thank you for believing in me when I lost my reasons to.

aditi, illinois

I’m feeling clear, confident, and charged!
This has been an incredible journey discovering and rebuilding myself.

Before I started working with Jenn, I was in a place where phrases like this were running through my head, "this cannot be my life; I have better earning potential than this; I will not waste another year; the two-year mark after my divorce will find me able to support myself and live freely." But I didn’t know where to start, so I contacted Jenn.

Jenn is my career soulmate.

Since receiving my new resume and implementing our job search strategy, I feel supremely empowered and very employable! My resume sparks joy! I could not believe that this was ME on paper. Jenn listened to me and captured both my professional accomplishment and my essence in such a way that gives me confidence. I love her format and details that add that something extra. Jenn is personable, a consummate professional, an excellent listener, and she exceeds expectations.

I used the motivation and career tools from Jenn to singularly focus on a position and company that met my work and life requirements with ZERO compromises. After only applying to one company, I got the job!
I was able to relocate to a new city, and best of all, I am waking up blessed each day!
I am very happy, and you will be too.

s. hudson, new york

After applying to only one company, I got the job! 

Rave Reviews

Jenn, first and foremost, I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your help and guidance. Without it, I don't think I would have had the clarity, strategy, or confidence to secure this job. Not to mention the numerous tips and tricks surrounding LinkedIn and building contacts. You are truly an incredible coach!  


Prior to working with Jenn, I had no experience in the corporate world. I felt doubtful and questioned whether it would even be possible. Jenn was inspirational; her guidance was focused and targeted on exactly what I needed. She is organized and helped me stay on track; her recaps after each session are especially helpful. Jenn is supportive and super fun to work with! And the best part, I got the job — it’s like a dream come true!


I was hesitant going into this but Jenn was beyond what I expected. She was genuine, enthusiastic and it is obvious she just loves doing this work. I will definitely reach out to her throughout my career for advice.


Over the past few months I have been very humbled by your bright spirit, unconditional compassion, and your amazing support. And you were only helping me — a complete stranger — with her resume and job search strategy. Thank goodness for you, I am so grateful our paths crossed.


Ahhhhh, I got the job! 

I got the job — it’s like a dream come true!

I have a mentor for life

I'm so grateful our paths crossed

Delightful Declarations

I knew it was time to move on with my career, but during the job search process, I found that many job descriptions seemed to either have tasks I don't have expertise in or were things that I didn't want to do. I had concerns about changing sectors and wasn't sure how my skills would translate outside the nonprofit world. I wanted more from my career but lacked confidence and direction, so, I contacted Jenn for help. Jenn helped me identify my priorities and the specific details about my next best company and role.

Then, after reflecting on what I wanted, I researched companies that were a fit for me. This was a game-changer. I would never have identified my new company without this approach. After four months, I landed a new job! It fits my priorities, has room for growth, and I get to work with like-minded, compassionate colleagues.

The role incorporates exactly what I want to do. It's a remote position with their main office in NYC (my ideal location). AND I received an 81% salary increase—it's truly life-changing!

zoe, california

i received an 81% salary increase. it's truly life-changing.

I've accepted an offer at a healthcare organization with a salary beyond my wildest dreams.

I can't thank you enough for all your guidance and encouragement; it really helped me hold onto the belief that what's meant for me will find its way.

Marilyn, United States

a salary beyond my wildest dreams!

At first the idea of booking a career coach was daunting; I had so many questions, I wasn’t sure where to start or what I needed, but I decided to work with Jenn because of her background and experience in HR.

Working with Jenn completely changed my outlook on the job search process; she got to the heart of my struggles, and gave insightful feedback and practical tips on how to make my materials stronger. Not only did she come to our meeting prepared, but it was clear from the first 10 seconds of our conversation how much she loves coaching and talking all things careers. Her energy and enthusiasm kick started my drive to find something I’m equally excited about—I cannot recommend her enough and would absolutely work with her again.

If you’re thinking about hiring a coach, don’t hesitate!

Jen, New JErsey

she got to the heart of my struggles

I was feeling pretty hopeless about my prospects of getting a job.

I felt like my resume was just being sent to a void and never even seen, or it wasn't connecting with recruiters and HR in the way I needed it to. I was applying to several jobs a week, or even a few jobs a day, and not getting anywhere with it. The constant grind of rejection was beginning to wear on my mental well-being.

Jenn helped me realize that I needed a whole new approach to my job search. I only knew what I didn't want to do, but I had no idea what I actually wanted in a job or in an organization. I've never had someone sit down with me to figure out my skill set and my interests and help me merge those things into career options.

Jenn changed the process from me applying to any and every job into me setting myself up to be recruited for my dream job. I think everyone should do this kind of consultation at some point in their careers.

It should be a class in school!

addie, minnesota

Jenn helped me realize that I needed a whole new approach to my job search.

I had been teaching for 20 years. While I loved working with the kids and watching them learn and grow throughout the years, I was ready for a change. I wanted to serve the students in a different capacity.

However, after teaching for 20 years, making a change is scary and risky. So, I reached out to Jenn for support.

Jenn was a great listener and she asked thoughtful questions to help me navigate a career change. After our initial conversations, I decided to apply for a Human Resources Recruitment Specialist position in my school system. She provided help identifying my transferrable skills, gave me detailed feedback and suggestions on my resume, cover letter, and together we crafted a strategic career change strategy. I was elated when I was called for an interview! Jenn helped prepare me for a first, and then a second-round interview. She helped me anticipate potential questions and practice thoughtful responses. I’m so excited to announce that I got the job!  

Jenn is a hardworking, sincere person with many years of experience and expertise. She is fun and easy to work with—I highly recommend her for support when making a big career change.

rebecca, maryland

I’m so excited to announce that I got the job! 

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