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Rediscover and rebuild your career path from the inside out.  

In this virtual career coaching experience, you will: 
  • Gain instant access to the proven step-by-step framework for finding a fulfilling career path—these are the exact steps 100's of clients have taken to figure out what's next in their career AND land their next best role. 
  • Spend 5 to 15 minutes a day focusing on your career change. All lessons are divided into “busy life approved” bite-sized increments so you can keep taking tiny actions for easy, ongoing momentum. 
  • Receive high-touch support, including personalized feedback and recommendations on your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile from HR expert coach Jenn
  • Restore your confidence and improve your well-being knowing you can and will make this change happen! 
  • Land a new role working alongside colleagues who get you. You'll feel energized, inspired, and excited for Monday!
Together we’ll reimagine your future, discuss how to differentiate yourself, and map your path to land your best role.

fried to flourishing career change course

  • You’re tired of being tired at the end of every day.
  • You have no idea what you’re even good at, but you wish you did.
  • You’re convinced that there has to be a better-fit career out there for you—especially if you don’t know what that career is yet.
  • You want work that will push you forward in your career and toward your life goals, rather than just providing a steady paycheck.
  • You want to find a career that will enable you to make a more impactful contribution in your community.
  • You’re ready to embark on the journey to a new, more fulfilling career—with a proven plan for success.

Fried To Flourishing is
perfect for you if: 

Fried to Flourishing is the proven experience that for years has been helping Flourish Careers clients confidently pursue new career paths that do more than provide a steady paycheck.

Proven Framework:  

Fried to Flourishing
course features:



1 complimentary 30-minute 1:1
coaching session with Jenn

I’m here to challenge your self-doubt, assure you of your value, and remove any self-imposed limitations that you may have inadvertently placed on your job search...because you deserve better. 

Inspired Spirit:

  • Created space to invite in a new path.
  • Discovered what makes you unique.
  • Connected your traits to the right career and workplace environment for you.
  • Crafted your own heart-based career goals and development plan.
  • Gotten the support you need to kickstart your plan.
  • Stopped doom-scrolling job boards and started a personalized job search.
  • Resigned from your current job with grace.
  • Landed a fulfilling job you love alongside like-minded people.
  • Begun making a memorable impression and creating an impact.

Imagine 3 motnhs from now,
you can have:

Exclusive, member-only pricing for specialized career coaching services including interview prep and professional brand building.

— Jae, New York

"Before meeting Jenn, I had been struggling through my career change for more than a year. After meeting Jenn, everything changed. In just 6 weeks, I received and accepted a job offer from my absolute dream company. As a former recruiter and hiring manager, Jenn knows what she is talking about and is willing to share her insights with her clients, giving them an edge as a candidate.
Working with Jenn truly has changed my life and my family's.
During our first session, Jenn told me, 'I won't lead you astray.' And she didn't. Jenn pointed me down the right path and gave me the tools to navigate any obstacle on that path until I reached my ultimate destination. Hiring Jenn as your career coach will transform your life, as she did mine."

— Alli, New York

"From your framework, I gained confidence and assurance in speaking about my career accomplishments and goals, which were invaluable for me.
I received an offer for a management position (which is a promotion) with extremely generous salary + benefits package — I nearly doubled my current salary! And it’s a hybrid role, walking-distance to the office.
I want to sincerely thank you for your support, positive motivation, and of course for your resource materials! So, thank you again."

— Kathleen, Oregon

"I'm so happy I joined your program.
Almost 12 weeks to the day I joined, I landed a new job in a lucrative new industry!
Thank you!"


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