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Consider me a member of your personal board of directors.

One of the reasons I founded Flourish Careers is because I always wished I had a personal board of directors to advise me on my career decisions. An objective opinion with my best interests in mind. Someone to brainstorm, share ideas, and really listen… other than my mom or dad!

I often searched and searched for that person who “gets it” and who understands…and time and time again, I fell short. Consider me a member of your personal board of directors. 

How it works:
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• Share your goals for our meeting.
• Our session takes place over Zoom, and can be recorded at your request. 

30-minute career talk

Member $87
Non-member $147


You’ll walk away with a complete playbook including:

Examples of how others have maximized this partnership:

30-minute career talk features

  • Should I stay or should I leave my current job?
  • How to identify transferable skills for a new job?
  • My boss is the worst! How can I handle this?
  • Understand how the recruiting process works.
  • Should I go back to school?
  • How to approach a career change.
  • Develop an approach for seeking out a remote position.
  • I want to take a career break, but I don’t know where to start.
  • How do I resign without burning bridges?

  • 30-minute Q&A session personalized for you.
  • A comprehensive + practical plan to move forward.
  • Recommended resources for further study.
  • Inspiration to make progress.
  • Accountability to take the next steps in your career with confidence.

— Nathan, New York

"Jenn packed so much goodness in thirty minutes. I appreciated all of the homework she did to truly understand my situation and give me pointed and actionable advice. Jenn delivered far and beyond my expectations and proved that she is truly committed to every client. I highly recommend her!"

— Kevin, Utah

"I think I have a mentor for life! I was hesitant going into this but Jenn was beyond what I expected. She was genuine, enthusiastic and it is obvious she just loves ding this work. I will definitely reach out to her throughout my career for advice." 


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