Interviewing is an insider job, you must reset your mindset + map your strategy to conquer your next interview with poise + purpose! 
With this playbook, you will: 
✔  Recognize that conquering your interview is a combination of mindset + strategy.
✔  Learn practical steps to boost your confidence.
✔  Strategize and effectively plan for each stage in the interview process.
✔  Discover top tips to ace your virtual interviews. 
✔  Frame your interview responses through memorable stories.
✔  Perfect your elevator pitch and feel confident talking about yourself.
✔  Know what questions to ask during your interview and how to follow up.
✔  Position yourself as a high-value hire. 
✔  Feel confident that you can—and will—land your next best job!

your Ultimate
interview prep playbook

Asking *good* questions in your interview will elevate you as a candidate. I've prepared a list of 20 sample questions to help you stand out AND evaluate whether the organization is a good fit for you.

20 questions to ask your future employer:

Talking about yourself is HARD!
I'm sharing the PERFECT elevator pitch framework to quickly showcase who you are, what you do, and what you're looking for.
I use this framework all the time! 

Perfect your pitch! 

Tune into this 40-minute pre-recorded workshop to learn my best kept secrets to conquering your interview with poise + purpose! 

THe art + science of The job interview pre-recorded workshop:

I've pulled together the TOP 16 interview questions I asked when interviewing thousands of job seekers over the years.  
Print them out and record your responses. Would you, hire you?! 

Loosen up your nerves by practicing with flashcards! 

Ultimate interview prep
playbook features

— Sue, California

"THANK YOU, Jenn! Your interview prep content is so engaging and easy to digest.
The way you break it down and lay it all out put my mind at ease.
I especially love all the examples included in the workshop, they are so helpful!"

— Nathan, Washington

"Thank you so much for your interview workshop.
It really helped me build my confidence regarding interviews. I learned more in that 45-minutes than I've learned throughout my education."


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