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13 Ways To Put Your Learn List To Work

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If you never stop learning, you’ll never stop growing. 

In today’s job market, continuous learning isn’t just admirable—it’s crucial for career success. But that learning doesn’t have to be formal, overwhelming, or time-consuming.

Learning can happen wherever (and whenever) you’re ready to learn. It can be as simple as reading a book or joining a community or as involved as an online course or certification program from a university. 

Here are 13 great ways to put your Learn List into action:

  1. Online Courses: Websites like Coursera and Udemy offer courses in various fields, oftentimes through self-paced learning. 
  1. LinkedIn Learning: If you have a LinkedIn Premium subscription, you can earn LinkedIn Learning certifications to bolster your resume and authenticate your skill sets.
  1. Online Tutorials: Watch online tutorials to learn a new tool or software that’s commonly used in your industry. If you’re making a HEART-based change, YouTube tutorials can help you learn a skill in your new industry.
  1. Masterclasses: Take a masterclass from an expert in your field. There’s a masterclass for everything—from cooking to interior design to leadership skills. 
  1. Professional Certifications: If there’s a certification relevant to your career, consider taking the course and exam. 
  1. Books: Read non-fiction books related to your field to gain new insights and perspectives. 
  1. Podcasts: Listen to industry-specific podcasts to keep up with trends.
  1. Bootcamps: For tech-related skills, coding bootcamps can provide intense, focused training.
  1. Workshops: Participate in virtual workshops to exchange views and gain knowledge. Attend in-person ones for hands-on experiences.
  1. Apps: No matter the skill—there’s an app for that. For example, language apps like Duolingo or Pimsleur can help you learn a new language to add to your resume.
  1. Freelance Projects: Take on freelance work to improve and diversify your skills.
  1. Communities: Join a community on social media that is centered around a particular topic of interest.
  1. Organizations: Professional organizations help bolster your resume and speak directly about your character, but you can also learn a lot from them. For instance, joining Toastmasters can improve your public speaking and leadership skills.

Embracing a continuous learning mindset is admirable and a crucial motivation for fulfillment in today’s dynamic job market.

The beauty of learning lies in its versatility and accessibility. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. Learning can happen wherever and whenever you’re ready. Whether through formal online courses, self-paced tutorials, masterclasses, or insightful books, a world of knowledge is waiting to be explored.

Proactively constructing your Learn List and intentionally taking action helps you expand your knowledge and enhance your adaptability in the face of change.

So, go forth with curiosity and determination—with each step you take toward learning something new, you are planting the seeds of personal and professional growth that will flourish throughout your career path. 

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Happy learning!

August 10, 2023

13 Ways To Put Your Learn List To Work

13 Ways To Put Your Learn List To Work

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