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Classroom to Career – And Other Transitions

graduation cap and rose on a desk after graduating college

The other day, I saw a baby bird in the grass. It was so cute, looking up at me with its wide eyes, so full of wonder. 

I didn’t approach it too closely as I suspected its mother was nearby, and sure enough, when I looked again, it was gone.

It’s the time of year, of course, for such a thing. As spring approaches summer, baby birds are hopping out of the safety of their nests and into the great unknown.

But flying isn’t immediate, you know. Baby birds spend a transition period on the ground, out of the nest, and readying themselves to take to the sky.

I imagine it to be uncomfortable and scary for them, and I think we are not unlike the birds.

We, too, go through transitional periods:

+ Leaving home for college
+ Leaving college for the workplace
+ Leaving that workplace for one more aligned with our values
+ And so on… 

Whether you are transitioning from the classroom to a career or making a career change, it is naturally a time of uncertainty. You may feel lost, unsure of your next steps, or even frightened.

That transitional period may be as short as a weekend or last for years. Eventually, though, you will learn to fly—and it will be glorious. 

What To Do In The Middle Of A Transition

1. Embrace uncertainty: Instead of thinking you need to fix your feelings of uncertainty, accept that this feeling is normal and healthy. It’s a natural part of the process. Our brains are wired to protect us. Knowing you ARE going to feel uncertain can enable you to take one tiny step forward anyway. 

2. Follow your heart: Explore the things that excite you and align with your values. Each curious venture is simply a first step, not forever, and your heart will show you the way. 

3. Note the clues: As you approach your new beginning, subtle clues and signals will come in various forms. Notice them. Follow them. Often, they’ll lead you toward opportunities and experiences you never predicted, and you may be delighted to find the path ahead perfectly aligned with your deepest aspirations. 


“When nothing is certain, everything is possible.” 
-Margaret Drabble, novelist, biographer and critic


“Classroom To Career” Podcast Series 

On the pod, we’re finishing Season 4 with a “Classroom To Career” series created for recent grads—but applicable to anyone! 

We’re covering topics like dealing with uncertainty during big transitions, but my personal favorite is the one on how to write a resume without “experience.” Many of the tips included will apply to anyone refreshing their resume. 

I hope you’ll check it out.



Season 5 Of The Flourish Careers Podcast

Summer is such a great time to switch things up, so we’ll be doing something a little different on the pod, and I’m hoping it will be fun for you and me! 

With bite-sized episodes, you’ll get the motivation and inspo you need. Click the link below to get notified when Season 5 is released. 



Gift For Grads: Jumpstart Your Job Search

This playbook is a fab gift for the grads in your life! It includes everything they need to know to rock their resumes, write a cover letter that gets read, position themselves as high-value hires, and more! It’s the gift that will indeed keep on giving. The lessons inside can change their lives. 


Whether you are graduating, saying goodbye to a longtime workplace, or changing careers entirely, know that you don’t have to have everything figured out right now. (Nor do you have to do what everyone else is doing!) 

This transition period probably won’t be your last; learning to work through it will be good practice for the next one. 

Trust your intuition and accept the help that arises.

If you do that…

Oh, the places you’ll go!

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May 22, 2024

Classroom to Career – And Other Transitions

Classroom to Career – And Other Transitions

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