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From Goodbye To Hello: Craft Your Career Transition Plan With Strength+Grace

From Goodbye To Hello: Craft Your Career Transition Plan With Strength And Grace | Flourish Careers

We all know change is hard and scary—but WHY is that also true in instances of good change?

Job changes are almost always positive, yet we fret and agonize over the decision. This agony is particularly strong for those of us who are high achievers and lifelong people pleasers.

You might worry about what your boss and team will say/think when you turn in your notice. Will they feel like you’ve let them down or abandoned them? Will they be secretly mad at you? 

At the same time, a new work environment and new relationships on the horizon bring a different type of anxiety. 

You want to make a great first impression because building strong relationships with your new colleagues and employer is SO necessary. But then you remember: You only get ONE chance to make a first impression, which can be just as anxiety-inducing. 

As a career change coach, I’ve watched countless clients grow their careers with fresh experiences and roles. 

Resigning is HARD, but at the same time, it’s worth it. You deserve a long, radiantly happy, and healthy career. Change is just the scary first step, but a good plan can make it less scary. 

Here’s how to create a fearless career transition plan—from goodbye to hello. 

Graceful Resignations: Your Career Break-Up Plan In 5 Steps 

Step One: Reframe your mindset.

The first step in resigning is reframing any guilty feelings you may have. Remaining in your role or company out of a sense of guilt serves no one. You deserve a career that fulfills you. Your company deserves someone who still feels passionate about what they do. Sometimes, change is best for everyone involved, so don’t let guilt keep you from making a positive change. 

After letting go of any guilt you may have felt, follow these four steps to resign with grace and gratitude for the experience.

Step Two: Determine your timeline.

The more time you can provide your organization to plan for your departure, the better. Two weeks is typical. Pick a timeline that works for you and then choose the optimal time to let your organization know they will need to replace fabulous you. 

One consideration I cannot stress enough is to carve out a break between roles if possible. Too often, we dive headfirst into the next role without pausing to catch our breath. Imagine a week or two without work responsibilities. All that glorious time and space to recalibrate is invaluable. Trust me, this pause is necessary for your well-being and to excel in your upcoming role.

Step Three: Craft a communication strategy.

Who needs to know first? Who needs to hear it from you before word gets out? Make a list of the people you want to talk to privately about your plans, and then set aside time to let them know what’s going on—before they find out through the grapevine. 

Step Four: Build your transition plan.

A thorough transition plan includes a list of mission-critical actions versus “nice-to-have” items. Create a shared folder for any documents, files, or links your team might need. They will surely appreciate you including everything necessary for them to carry on in your absence. 

Step Five: Stay connected.

Remember: Leaving a job doesn’t mean leaving a working relationship you’ve invested in for years. Just because you no longer work together every day doesn’t mean you can’t continue to stay in touch. Social media has made it easier than ever to stay connected with past colleagues.

Fabulous First Impressions: Your Strategy For The First Three Months

Your first impression sets the tone for all your relationships with your new colleagues and employer. No pressure. But seriously, if you simply keep a positive attitude and the work ethic you’re known for, you’ll impress anyone around you.

Making the most of your initial days, weeks, and months on the job starts with a detailed strategy that includes people, processes, and performance. 

For your first 90 days, try focusing on these three things. 

1. People

So much of your job satisfaction comes from having a good relationship with the people you interact with regularly or regularly. That’s why making people your #1 priority in your first days in a new role, company, or industry is a good idea. 

You should meet your new colleagues, clients, team members, and support teams right out of the gate. Be yourself and genuinely get to know them.  

Additionally, you’ll use the first 30 days to learn as much as possible. So find the people on your new team you can contact with questions as you get familiar with your new organization’s tools and objectives. 

2. Process

The second month is a fabulous time to streamline your workflow, create processes you can replicate, and establish good habits. 

Think about how you want to manage your time. Do you need to block more time for creative projects and deep work? During which times of the day are your energy levels highest? Try setting up more meetings during those times. 

Establishing your perfect-flow calendar and daily routine during this time will ensure your success. 

3. Performance

Performance expectations don’t end with your onboarding. In fact, they begin at the end of your onboarding. By the third month, you’ll be familiar with everyone and the company processes. Now, it’s time to show them what you’re made of by performing and meeting expectations.  

Most Importantly…

Give yourself some grace. Transitions often come with expected (and unexpected) surprises, difficulties, and challenges. Learn from your mistakes and adjust as needed. Instead of beating yourself up, celebrate how far you’ve come.

Yes, change is a hard thing, but YOU can do hard things. And the good news is this: Closing one door means opening up a new one to your flourishing new path. 


With a little effort, you can close the door on feeling fried day in and day out—and open one to your flourishing new life. If you want guidance on incorporating lessons like these into your career planning, Flourish Careers is here to help.

Together, we’ll create a strategic career plan that allows you to say “goodbye” and “hello” with strength and grace. 

Don’t forget to snag the 30-60-90 Day Onboarding Checklist for a smooth start! Get yours here.

April 8, 2024

From Goodbye To Hello: Craft Your Career Transition Plan With Strength+Grace

From Goodbye To Hello: Craft Your Career Transition Plan With Strength+Grace

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