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Allow Yourself to be a Beginner (Again)

woman looking out at fall leaves as she becomes a beginner again

This fall, I started a podcast that brought up allll the feelings.

Even though the Flourish Careers podcast covers everything I’ve spent years learning and teaching, adding “podcaster” to my bio has made me feel like a newbie all over again.

I knew nothing about starting/hosting/creating a podcast. Maybe you understand?

Because whether you’re thinking about starting a new career or learning a new skill set, it’s an uncomfortable feeling: becoming a beginner again.

After years spent cultivating a certain set of skills, it can feel like you have to throw out everything you’ve learned. (That’s not the case, btw!) But putting down new roots can feel scary—especially when you’re face-to-face with fear, vulnerability, and the unknown.

That’s when I like to take a lesson from the trees—the trees that so beautifully and peacefully release their leaves year after year.

This season is a chance to shed the things that no longer serve us—old mindsets, outdated rules, and the expectations of others.

I knew nothing about starting a podcast, but luckily, I knew a thing or two about becoming a beginner (again). Perhaps it may be of help to you…

Take Root

4 Lessons On Becoming A Beginner Again

  1. Remember: You can do hard things.

I had to remind myself I’ve started new things before—things that are now easy for me.

TO DO: Make a list of things that were once HARD and review as needed. Remind yourself: The hard part doesn’t last forever. Just like you’ve done before, you’ll learn, grow, and improve.

  1. Give your inner critic time off.

That voice inside that says, “You’re not doing it right” or “Everyone is going to judge you?” Let’s stop talking ourselves out of “doing the thing” by thinking, “I need to be an expert before…” Allow yourself to be a beginner. Have FUN with it!

TO DO: Grab your favorite notebook and write down what you’re curious about trying. Then, (ignoring your inner critic’s protests!) cultivate that curiosity. Explore and embrace the fun of being a beginner.

  1. Set fierce boundaries.

I’m at my best between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m., so these three hours were dedicated to the podcast.

TO DO: In your planner, set aside a sacred block of time for working toward your goal.

  1. Share your intentions.

Simply saying, “I’m starting a podcast” out loud to others was a game-changer for me. Every time it became more real. I even partnered with another fabulous solopreneur who was launching a podcast at the same time. Sharing the experience helped with motivation and timeliness…AND it made the whole process so much more fun!

TO DO: Say “the thing” out loud to your most supportive friends. Find an accountability partner or dedicated support system.

Looking for a group of like-minded heart-based professionals? Keep scrolling.


Be patient with yourself. BIG dreamy projects + career intentions take time.

“The lightness of being a ­beginner again, less sure about everything…freed me to enter into one of the most creative periods of my life.” —Steve Jobs, after being let go from Apple

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Regret is not an option.

Sure, you can stay where you are, and you’ll never have to endure the discomfort of becoming a beginner again—and you’ll never have to face the fear of failing. But if you never try, you’ll never know.

And when the payoff can potentially be a career packed with joy, accomplishment, and nourishment, regret is not an option.

For more insider stories, quick tips, and #CareerTalk, I invite you to connect with me on Instagram @flourish.careers.

November 16, 2022

woman looking out at fall leaves as she becomes a beginner again

Allow Yourself to be a Beginner (Again)

woman looking out at fall leaves as she becomes a beginner again

Allow Yourself to be a Beginner (Again)

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