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Using a proven, heart-based approach, you’ll learn to cultivate a better job search, confidently pursue new opportunities, and find the place where you belong. So much more than “How To Find A Job” — this coaching experience is a journey into rediscovering and rebuilding your career path from the inside out.

Hey, There, High Achiever, Resume Polisher, Job Posting Scroller:
Are you starting to worry that the career you’ve worked so hard for... might not be the best fit for you anymore?
Maybe you started out with big dreams and big plans. And then somewhere along the way, things changed. Now you feel depleted at the end of every day and — if you admit it — even bored with your work.
You find yourself thinking, "I just need to get through this day/month/year,” but at the end of every one of those, there’s another one. And so it goes. Another day/month/year has passed and still, nothing has changed.
Because truthfully, you don’t know where to start...

Change your career outlook, change your life.

Fried to Flourishing


rediscover and rebuild your career path from the inside out.

On Sunday nights, as the weekend winds down, anxiety (or perhaps dread) begins to build.
Another week is beginning and you ask yourself, “Is this how it’s going to be like for the rest of my life?”

You think, “There has to be something better — something else I can do.” So you open up your browser, only to realize you have no idea where to even start.

You ask yourself, “What am I even good at?” But it seems like the only skills you have are the ones essential to your current position.

You begin polishing your resume and applying to jobs — maybe even tons of jobs. You apply to anything and everything you find online. You apply to hundreds of jobs, but all you get is *crickets*.

Someone tells you about a networking event. You go, but it just feels awkward, icky, and even a little scary. You wonder, “What am I supposed to be doing here anyway?”

You try educating yourself, consuming all the info you can find. You register for every free course you come across, follow every career expert. Each time you hope, “maybe this one will be the one!” Yet…

You get conflicting information from these courses and experts. You think, ”Wait. Should I write a cover letter or not???” You don’t know. You freeze.

Frustrated with the lack of call-backs and responses, you close your email, your browser, and your resume document. You go back to your soul-sucking job. Because right now it needs you.

You have a bad day. You resume your search. Back to square one.


to figure out what you really want to do – as well as where you want to do it.
You just wish there was a way to easily figure out your transferable skills and strengths - and the perfect workplace for you to utilize them. A place where you can feel inspired once again. A place where you belong.

You’re tired of being tired at the end of every day. 

Change your career outlook, change your life. 

You have no idea what you’re even good at, but you wish you did. 

You’re convinced that there has to be a better-fit career out there for you — especially if you don’t know what that career is yet.

You want work that will push you forward in your career and toward your life goals, rather than just providing a steady paycheck.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. 

You’re ready to embark on the journey to a new, more fulfilling career — with a proven plan for success.

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Heart-Based Career Planning Makes It Simpler.
Taking a heart-based approach to career planning is different — it's not about polishing up your resume, networking with strangers, or applying to hundreds of jobs that…well, don’t exactly get you excited anyway.
(And it’s about a whole lot more than simply getting a paycheck!)
It's about taking a pause — taking the time to reflect on what’s next, to learn how to match your unique skills and experiences with desired positions, and to execute a thoughtful search. It’s about planning a proactive + personalized search — figuring out how to land your next best job in a way that aligns with your heart and is comfortable for you.
It’s about concentrating your valuable time and energy on the right things.

Finding a job you love can be hard

You want to find a career that will enable you to make an impactful contribution in your community and the world. 

With the right supporting tools and framework, you can learn to dig down to your roots, plant the seeds for the career change you so desperately desire, and grow the confidence you need to get there.

"I got the job! It's like a dream come true!"

“Prior to working with Jenn, I had no experience in the corporate world. I felt doubtful and questioned whether it would even be possible. Jenn was inspirational; her guidance was focused and targeted on exactly what I needed, and she was super fun to work with! And the best part, I got the job — it’s like a dream come true!"
- Noel

Fried to Flourishing, Signature Coaching Experience

A 12-week virtual coaching experience specifically designed for job seekers who want to feel energized, inspired, and excited for each coming Monday

Fried to Flourishing is the proven experience that for years has been helping Flourish Careers clients confidently pursue new career paths that do more than provide a steady paycheck.

This signature experience — now available in all-new partnership options — will help you discover the value you offer and find a position that best supports your overall well-being.

Fried to Flourishing is the path to feeling:
● confident and ready to take on the next stages of your career
● less frantic and erratic in your job search
● secure in the knowledge that you can do it
● hopeful for the future

Heart-Based Coach | Career Crusader | Job Search Enthusiast

Hi, there, I'm Jenn

In my 15+ years as an HR leader, Hiring Manager, and Recruiter at Fortune 200 organizations — I interviewed, coached, and hired thousands of people across industries. Through the years, I’ve also made multiple career changes myself – across industries, roles, and eventually – through a leap of faith – to self-employment. But I also spent too many of those years, forcing myself into roles that didn’t quite fit. (Maybe you have, too).

Now I’m on a mission to help heart-based, career-minded professionals become crystal clear about how to cultivate a career that fits.

As a career coach, I've supported 300+ job seekers around the world through heart-based career planning.  With the insider knowledge and experience, I’ve gained, I will help you discover and pursue career goals that are deeply aligned with your heart and your spirit. Let’s work together to make the most of your time with the smart + strategic actions to land your next best role.

I’m here to challenge your self-doubt, assure you of your value, and remove any self-imposed limitations that you may have inadvertently placed on your job search...because you deserve better. 


Work should cultivate your energy, not drain your energy.

Fried to Flourishing, Signature Coaching Experience

Heart-based Career Planning Designed Specifically for Those Feeling Stuck in Their Current Roles or Company

HERES What's Inside:

An instantly accessible online course to walk you through the proven step-by-step framework divided into “busy life approved” bite-sized lessons (ranging from 5 to 15 minutes) so you can keep taking tiny actions for easy, ongoing momentum.

Expertly curated resources, including worksheets, resource guides, recommendations, and insider info from "best in the business" recruiters and HR leaders. Basically, I've weeded through ALL the noise, so you have only BEST resources to help you every step of the way.

Access to our private like-minded community for added accountability, personalized advice outside of calls, a comfortable place for networking, and ongoing support and motivation.
I promise this will NOT be another online experience where you get thrown into a group of thousands of people to fend for yourself. This is a small community with high-touch service.

Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions with Jenn. These Q&A sessions are available for you to get all your questions answered. They will also be recorded for later viewing (because we get that life happens.)

Personalized resume and LinkedIn feedback along with customized recommendations from Jenn.

Pop-up professional development — these live classes will cover hot career topics. Get answers to the questions you may be afraid to ask, like “How To Get Promoted”, “Dealing With Bad Bosses”, “Leadership 101”, and “Performance Management” among others.

Complete thought partnership + inspired spirit. I hear from clients all the time that my energy and enthusiasm toward all things career ignites the spark they need to begin the shift from fried to flourishing.

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reimagine your future...

A few months from now, you can have:
● Created space to invite in the new, reset your mindset for limitless growth 
● Discovered what makes you unique
● Connected your traits to the right career and workplace environment for you
● Crafted your own heart-based career development plan
● Gotten the support you need to kickstart your plan
● Stopped doom-scrolling job boards and started a personalized job search
● Landed a fulfilling job you love alongside like-minded people who get you
● Resigned from your current job with grace
● Begun making a memorable impression and creating an impact

I don’t know about you, but to me, your future is looking pretty darn sunny.

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More than “How To Find A Job” — Fried to Flourishing is a journey into rediscovering and rebuilding yourself. 

ready to find your most fulfilling career? 

Together, we will work through five phases as you evolve from fried to flourishing.


First, we need to prepare your foundation so that it becomes a place where nourishing growth can occur. In this module, we’ll begin by taking you from a fixed and stuck mindset to one of limitless growth with healthy habits.


This module is all about impact and energy, so we’re going to pull those metaphorical weeds and plant those metaphorical seeds. Most importantly, we’re going to dig down deep to identify your roots and figure out what makes you...you!


Now it’s time to use your reflections to craft your own heart-based career goals and development plans. This is where we determine which experience, education, and exposure are essential to reclaiming your path and nourishing your growth.  


You have the vision and now we must refresh your brilliant brand. In this module, you’ll learn the practical details and get answers to alllll the conflicting job search information. We will perfect your pitch, refresh your resume, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and elevate your brand.  


Now it’s time to reinvigorate your confidence, so you land the job and become a flourishing success! Let's face it, selling yourself feels daunting. In this module, you’ll learn how to cultivate relationships and network in a way that feels comfortable for you, gain confidence through strategic interview prep and plan for a graceful transition.  

Discover your Value + Find the Place where you belong

"we have an offer...again!"

Before reaching out to Jenn, I spent 17 tireless months looking for a new job without success. I lost sight of what I wanted in my career and had NO idea how to get it. 
Jenn helped me believe in myself again. She supported me in figuring out the industry I wanted to make an impact as well as the types of roles that I would be good at.
We refreshed my personal brand, prepared a comfortable networking strategy and practiced talking about my accomplishments.
Within THREE months of working with Jenn, I received not one, but TWO job offers!
I’m feeling clear, confident, and charged! This has been an incredible journey discovering and rebuilding myself.
Thank you for believing in me when I lost my reasons to.
- Aditi

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+ Instant access to the online course framework
+ 5 modules and 25+ lessons broken down into "busy life approved" bite-size instruction
+ Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions for the next THREE months
+ Membership to our private LinkedIn community
+ Personalized resume and LinkedIn profile feedback + customized recommendations
+ Step-by-step homework assignments to gain and boost momentum
+ Insider info from "best in the business" recruiters and HR leaders
+ BONUS: 1 complimentary 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with Jenn
+ BONUS: Exclusive membership-only pricing for specialized career coaching services

tired of feeling fried? 

classic partnership

Investment $847

it's time to start flourishing!

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+ FIVE 50-minute 1:1 personalized coaching sessions 
+ Instant access to the online course framework
+ 5 modules and 25+ lessons broken down into "busy life approved" bite-size instruction 
+ Weekly LIVE Q&A sessions for the next THREE months
+ Membership to our private LinkedIn community
+ Personalized resume and LinkedIn profile feedback + customized recommendations
+ Step-by-step homework assignments to gain and boost momentum
+ Insider info from "best in the business" recruiters and HR leaders
+ Complete thought partnership + inspired spirit — I hear from clients all the time that my energy and enthusiasm toward all things career ignites the spark they need to begin the shift from fried to flourishing
+ BONUS: Exclusive membership-only pricing for specialized career coaching services

deluxe Partnership

Investment $1997
or 3 monthly payments of $700

“I had so many questions. I wasn’t sure where to start or what I needed, but I decided to work with Jenn because of her background and experience in HR. Working with Jenn completely changed my outlook on the job search process. She got to the heart of my struggles and gave insightful feedback and practical tips on how to make my materials stronger. Jenn’s energy and enthusiasm kick-started my drive to find something I’m equally excited about—I cannot recommend her enough.”
- Jennifer 

So what’s keeping you from digging in?

I get it. I've been there. That's why this framework is intentionally broken down into bite-size pieces. Designed for the “already employed,” these modules are easy to digest and implement while working a full-time job. That said, if you want to make a change, you have to create space for the new. Committing as little as 15 minutes a day to making that change will make a difference. Add to that the accountability from the bi-weekly Q&A sessions and the support from the community...and the spark is sure to ignite.
Before you know it, you will be on your way! 

“It sounds nice, but I just don’t have the time. I'm already working a ton of hours. How can I fit in one more thing?”

Relying on expert help is never a weakness or a waste of money. (That’s why I pay an expert to help me complete my tax return — it’s just not something I’m comfortable doing on my own.) It’s a wise decision that ends up benefiting you more in the long run and gets you where you want to go faster. Your career is a huge part of your life. You deserve to have a long, happy, and radiantly healthy career. Trust me — you’re worth the investment...and then some. 

"The cost of this program is more than I’ve ever invested in myself in my whole career." 

Boy, I used to think the Exact. Same. Thing. Then I joined a group coaching program...and then I facilitated a group coaching program. I was sold. In a group setting, there is just so much more generated energy, added peer support, accountability from like-minded professionals, and easy/comfortable network-building. These group settings become the place where others who work in a field you're interested in can provide you with tried and true resources as well as invaluable introductions. And to top it all off - they’re more fun! Participating in a group coaching call is like attending happy hour with your business besties. The sessions are light-hearted, informative, and so much fun. These reinvigorating calls are where you are reminded, “You don't have to do this alone. We’re all on your team.” 

"I’m not sure about this whole group coaching thing. I’d prefer one on one support."


Can’t decide if Fried to Flourishing is right for you? I’m here to answer any questions you may have.
Get in touch and we’ll figure out the next right step for you.

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