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Rewriting Your Narrative

episode 149: Rewriting Your Narrative with Emily Jackson | Flourish Careers



Do you struggle with the incredibly hard to shake narratives about who you are, what you have access to, and what you’re worthy of? 

Then this episode is for you! 

Today I’m joined by Emily Jackson and we’re tackling the five stories that you keep telling yourself that are keeping you stuck + how to overcome them!

Emily is a career counselor and educator who is committed to helping individuals overcome uncertainty, embrace their power, and find their path.

If you need to know how to reframe your mindset in order to reclaim your present and future career path, let’s dive into this podcast episode!

[2:07] How a workshop for refugee girls launched Emily onto her current path
[6:15] What exactly does it mean to “reframe your mindset”
[10:38] Rewriting the story when you feel like you’re not qualified for the job you want – you don’t have the right skills, the right degree, the right experiences, or the right connections
[17:10] How to overcome the mindset that one decision you make in your career will dictate your entire future career
[22:38] Getting past the fear that there is one right decision to get you to your goals – so you better make the right choice
[27:57] Coming to the realization that you don’t have to know your exact end goal in order for a career change to be worth the risk
[31:50] Beating all the “shoulds” in your mind – Who we should be and What we should be doing
[38:14] Some final tips on how to reframe your thoughts if you’re struggling with some of these stories
[43:46] One piece of wisdom if you’re struggling with these inner stories

Action Steps to apply to YOUR journey:

1-Identify the narrative or story that you’re stuck in

Journal, document, or even draw what this story is for yourself. Take it out of your brain and out of your body so that you can see it in front of you. 

2-Acknowledge how this story might be limiting you or your potential to achieve your goals

Example: Let’s say your story is that “I’m not qualified”. The story that I’m not qualified makes me less likely to apply for positions that I’m excited about, guaranteeing that I won’t get that opportunity and contributing to my feelings of stuckness. 

3-Reflect on where this story might have come from 

Reflect and journal through this question: 

What factors in my life experience might have contributed to the development of this story?
For example, was it something that a teacher said to you in third grade that you really internalized?

Try and recognize where those stories have come from, and how they’ve shaped you. 

4-Challenge the story

This step is the hardest. You have the power to start generating evidence to create a new story that feels more empowering and full of opportunities for yourself. 

So this could be as simple as: I have a lot of strengths and skills that I’m bringing to this role and I’ll never get this job if I don’t apply. 

That alone might be the shift that you need.

But maybe it means getting really specific about some of these strengths and skills. Maybe it means spending some time really brainstorming what amazing talents and strengths and qualities you bring into your career experience. 

This is hard and it can be hard to do on our own sometimes. 

One strategy is to think: If you were your friend, what would they highlight about your strengths and experience? You can also sit down with someone else and really talk through this brainstorming process to start coming up with new alternatives.

5-Add the word “yet”

If you tell yourself these stories like – “I can’t make this change”, add yet to the end of that thought or statement. 

Adding one three letter word to the end of your stories is so powerful.

adding the word yet to the end of your stories is so powerful -emily jackson @flourish.careers

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April 29, 2022

Rewriting Your Narrative

Rewriting Your Narrative

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