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Inside Out: The Strategic Playbook for Navigating Internal Job Changes

Inside Out: The Strategic Playbook for Navigating Internal Job Changes | Flourish Careers Podcast


Have you ever considered how proactively navigating an internal career pivot empowers you with refreshing opportunities?

Having worked in corporate and witnessing the need for more understanding around pivoting internally, I love to guide heart-based professionals on the value of exploring new roles within their current companies. 

Many tend to overlook this option. Yet, it can be a fantastic path for moving into a new function or department, whether a lateral move or a promotion. 

We will consider insights on approaching internal transitions thoughtfully, including: 

­čîčAssessing your career intentions
­čîčInternal networking
­čîčCustomizing your application
­čîčPreparing for interviews

If you’re intrigued by this concept or need guidance on making an internal career move, I’m here to help! 

I offer 30-minute sessions tailored to crafting a plan for your success. So, let’s explore the exciting realm of internal career pivots together!

Advantages of Internal Career Moves

From the Employee’s Perspective

Familiarity and Ease of Change
Internal moves are smoother due to familiarity with company culture, processes, values, and people, reducing the adaptation period.

Established Relationships
Already established professional network within the company can offer support, guidance, and collaboration in the new role.

Enhanced Credibility and Less Competition
A proven track record and existing reputation within the company can be advantageous. Internal candidates often face less competition than external ones.

Versatility and Skill Transfer
Experience in different areas makes employees more versatile and valuable, allowing the application of skills more effectively across the company.

Security and Stability
Internal moves can offer more job security, and existing benefits or stock options can continue to vest.

Career Growth and Personal Fulfillment
Internal transitions allow for exploration of new challenges and alignment with shifting personal or professional goals without leaving the company.

From the Employer’s Perspective

Cultural Fit and Preservation of Institutional Knowledge
Existing employees are already assimilated into the company’s culture and retain valuable knowledge and insights about the company.

Cost Efficiency and Reduced Onboarding Time
Internal hires are typically less expensive and require less training and onboarding time.

Employee Development, Retention, and Engagement
Offering internal mobility opportunities enhances job satisfaction, loyalty, and morale, and nurtures a talent pipeline, fostering long-term company success.

How to Approach Internal Moves

Assess Intentions and Skills
Understand how the new role aligns with your career goals and evaluate your skills, strengths, and areas needing growth.

Research Opportunities and Company Policies
Regularly check for internal postings and understand the new role’s responsibilities, expectations, and qualifications.

Network and Build Relationships
Cultivate relationships within the department you’re interested in and utilize networking for insights into available positions.

Update Resume and Online Profiles
Tailor them to the new role, highlighting relevant skills and experiences.

Communicate with Current Manager
Demonstrate transparency and professionalism by informing your manager about your intentions.

Customize Application and Prepare for Interviews
Tailor your application to the new role’s requirements and prepare thoroughly for interviews.

Be Patient and Handle Transition Gracefully
Internal mobility might take time, and if selected, ensure a smooth transition from your current team.

In Summary

Internal career moves, when approached thoughtfully and strategically, can be advantageous for both the employee and the employer, leading to personal and professional growth, fulfillment and contributing to organizational success. They offer a pathway to explore new challenges and align with evolving goals while retaining the benefits and security of staying within the same company.

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October 4, 2023

Inside Out: The Strategic Playbook for Navigating Internal Job Changes

Inside Out: The Strategic Playbook for Navigating Internal Job Changes

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