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The Art and Science of Interviewing


Do you have a job interview coming up and want to conquer it with poise and purpose? 

Then this episode is for you!

Today, we’re talking all about the art and science of the job interview. First I’ll help you recognize that interviewing is a combination of mindset and strategy. Then you’ll learn the different types of interviews and how to prep for each stage. And finally, we’ll wrap up with applying the frameworks we talked about today towards your next interview. 

Are you ready?!

Let’s dive in!

[1:16] My first interview after college and how that one experience changed the way I approached the hiring experience for job seekers in my future HR career
[6:06] What I’ve learned through the years interviewing 1000’s of people
[7:15] The goals of an interview – from both the employer and the job seeker’s perspective + the steps in transforming your mindset
[12:15] What are the different types of interviews + example interview questions
[18:56] Top tips on preparing for a virtual interview
[22:28] How to present yourself as a high-value hire
[24:12] What an elevator pitch is and how it can help you answer that dreaded question…”Tell me about yourself”
[26:53] Plan and practice your stories

Action Steps to apply to YOUR journey:

Craft your elevator pitch using this formula:

Who you are, what you do, and what you’re looking for

Who you are – A bold statement about why you’re interested in a particular company, a particular role, or an industry.
What you do – Your transferable skills or the skills that you’re bringing to the table in the role.
What you’re looking for This will change depending on who you’re talking with; relate it to the job or company you’re interested in. 

Examples of interview questions.

Standard Questions – basic questions likely to be asked during an initial interview or phone screen.

For example, if I was interviewing for a talent acquisition leadership role, standard questions might be: 

How many years of experience do you have?
How large are the teams that you led?
How many hires did your teams have per year?
What locations were those hires?
What is your greatest strength?
What is your greatest weakness?

Situational Questions – these questions are literal situations that you might encounter on the job. 

For example, if I was interviewing for a talent acquisition leadership role, they might say something like, imagine you’re leading a 15 person Talent Acquisition team, and everyone is at max capacity, you’re informed that there are 50, new requisitions being entered into the applicant tracking system right now. Walk me through your upcoming week, including before, during, and after the requisitions are entered and ready for distribution. 

So you can see this is a very real situation that a talent acquisition leader might encounter. And they want to know how you would handle that on the job. 

Behavioral Questions – based on the notion that what you’ve done in the past, is an indicator of what you’ll do in the future.

These usually start with, “Describe a time when…” 

For example, tell me about a time you got results even though an external factor shifted (budget, market change). What did you do to succeed?

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The Art & Science of the Job Interview

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February 18, 2022

The Art and Science of Interviewing

The Art and Science of Interviewing

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