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Success Reimagined: The Richness of Energy Featuring JJ DiGeronimo

Success Reimagined: The Richness of Energy | Flourish Careers Podcast


What if we measured success by the energy we create versus conventional metrics such as salary, job titles, or the types of customers we interact with? 

Welcome to another segment of Flourishing Together! 

I’m excited to introduce you to JJ DiGeronimo, who shares this perspective and challenges the societal norms that often lead us to believe that material wealth or external validation are the ultimate markers of success.

JJ shares her path to alignment by starting a side gig while working full-time and the pivotal moments when she decided to follow her inner intuition or “whisper.”

We explore intriguing techniques like muscle testing and connecting with nature to seek guidance and tackle societal expectations about the illusion of external success, which often feels like chasing an oasis. JJ acknowledges that finances can be a significant hurdle when contemplating change. She emphasizes the importance of getting “rich” from the energy she’s creating versus a salary, job title, or types of customers you interact with. 

Join us as we dive into the illusion of success and how to feel in alignment with our life and career paths from the inside out.

Key Takeaways From Today’s Episode

The Illusion of Success
Understanding the “illusion of success” is crucial — it highlights the importance of distinguishing between genuine, sustainable success and superficial, short-lived accomplishments. It encourages self-reflection and a deeper understanding of personal goals and values.

External Markers vs. Intrinsic Value
Chasing external markers of “success,” such as wealth, fame, and status, can create a false sense of achievement. These external markers may not align with our intrinsic values, leading to a disconnect between actions and true desires. Pursuing them solely for their own sake can result in a shallow and unsatisfying path. 

In a world driven by social media and constant comparison, you can differentiate between genuine fulfillment and superficial appearances by avoiding social comparison. Constantly comparing to others can lead to competition and feelings of inadequacy. Instead, focus on self-prioritization and recognizing your own unique path to fulfillment. 💛

How To Get “Rich” From Your Energy
By focusing on the energy we generate and the fulfillment we derive from our efforts, we can redefine what it means to be “rich.” It becomes about the sense of purpose we infuse into our lives and careers, surpassing financial gain or external recognition.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

💛 Flourishing Faves:  
Book: Rise Sister Rise 
Meditation: Steve Noble   

🤝 Connect with JJ 
Website | Book: Seeking | LinkedIn | Podcast: Together We Seek 

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January 31, 2024

Success Reimagined: The Richness of Energy Featuring JJ DiGeronimo

Success Reimagined: The Richness of Energy Featuring JJ DiGeronimo

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