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Reboot: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job | Flourish Careers Podcast


Feeling trapped in your job? Wondering if it’s time for a change? Hold that thought!  

In this episode, I’ve got some fresh strategies for you.

Have you ever thought about reshaping your current role? You don’t always have to jump ship to reignite your passion. 

Next, let’s talk about the power of people—your work friends can seriously impact how you feel about your job. And don’t forget to celebrate your daily wins! Keeping an “I did it” list might sound small, but trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Don’t surrender yourself to a stagnant career. Redesign your role, hang with the spirited crowd, and celebrate those daily wins. You will rekindle that spark and find the happiness you deserve. 

Remember, change is possible, and your joy is worth chasing.💛

Key Takeaways From Today’s Episode

Redesign Your Role
Feeling stuck in your job doesn’t always mean you have to leave. You can reignite your passion by exploring opportunities within your current organization. This might involve volunteering for new projects, collaborating with colleagues in different areas, or taking on tasks aligned with your career goals and talents. Small changes can lead to a more fulfilling role, just like Jonathan in HR, who transformed his job by actively seeking new challenges within his organization.

Seek Out Inspirational People and Industry events
Your work relationships significantly impact how you perceive your job. Surrounding yourself with energetic and dynamic individuals within your workplace and through professional networking can reignite your enthusiasm for your career. Consider mentoring or teaching new colleagues to share your knowledge and infuse meaning into your daily tasks.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments
A simple yet effective practice is to keep an “I did it” list each day, acknowledging and celebrating everything you accomplish, no matter how small. This boosts your emotional well-being and helps you identify tasks that bring you joy and fulfillment. By focusing on your achievements and what makes you happy at work, you can rekindle your energy for your job, as demonstrated in my personal experience.

So, don’t surrender yourself to a stagnant career. By redesigning your role, surrounding yourself with inspirational colleagues, and celebrating your accomplishments, you can reignite a spark for your job and find greater fulfillment in your career.

Remember, change is possible, and your happiness is worth pursuing.

Resources mentioned in this episode:
+Heart-Based Career Change Checklist
+Inside Out: The Strategic Playbook for Navigating Internal Job Changes 
+Expanding Perspectives: How Mentorship Acts As An Opportunity Catalyst
+Permission To Take A Career Break + 5 Lessons From 100 Days Away From Corporate America
+Skill Up: Navigating the Future of Work

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February 14, 2024

Reboot: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

Reboot: How to Fall Back in Love with Your Job

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